This town is located 30km from Orléans and stands out by its natural heritage. Tavers has a modest beauty which echoes the modesty and simplicity of its inhabitants. It is crossed by the Lien river and holds many ancient vestiges. Its inhabitants are called “Taversois” and “Taversoises”.

Interesting features of the town

# Historic heritage


A vestige of the Neolithic era, this dolmen is also known as the “Pierre tournante” (turning stone). Its 4 m long and 50 cm thick table is supported by several stones.

The legend has it that once a century, on Christmas night, while the bells strike midnight, the dolmen starts to spin around and opens up. It unveils a magnificent treasure that can be seized with a long-handled skillet.


The Saint-Antoine Chapel is located opposite the Manoir de Ver, and was built at the end of the 15th century or very beginning of the 16th century. People used to come on a pilgrimage to heal eye pain, scrofula, to find lost objects and above all, to heal sterile women.


The area located between the railway line and Josnes (to the north of the A10 motorway), was the scene of terrible battles led in December 1870 by the Loire army to halt the Prussian advance. The land on which the monument was built had been used as a quarry for the construction of the railway line.

# Natural sites


The village is crossed by the “Le Lien” river, a peaceful stream that takes it source near the Feularde hamlet. It receives several sources, fed by the Beauce water-table, before joining up with the Loire in Avaray (41).


The up-welling of water provokes turbulences called quicksands. The clay bottom, the clearness of the water and a very low mineral content, give the water a translucent blue aspect. This is why the Fontenils are sometimes wrongfully called “Eaux bleues” (blue waters). Yet, this is the name of the neighbouring mill and its “bassin de la bouture”, which also takes its source in the Beauce water-table. It is carpeted with aquatic grasses which tint it emerald green. Clouds and the sky reflect into it like a mirror, which gives it its second name of “Eaux Bleues.”

Find out more about the town

Mairie de Tavers

2 Avenue Jules Lemaître

45190 Tavers

Phone : 02 38 44 53 97 

E-mail : mairie@tavers.fr

Available in the town

La Tonnellerie

Réservable en ligne

La Tonnellerie

3 étoiles


Tarif chambre double : De 117€ à 178€

Nombre total de chambres : 16

Située à Tavers, La Tonnellerie vous accueillera dans une ambiance « maison de famille ».


Réservable en ligne

Château de Guignes


Capacité maximum : 6 personnes

Bienvenue au château de Guignes, demeure de caractère typique du Val de Loire ! Venez profiter de cette maison...


Réservable en ligne

Les Eaux Bleues

3 étoiles


Capacité maximum : 6 personnes

Venez profiter de ce gîte très spacieux, idéalement situé au cœur du village, ce qui vous permettra de sillonner...

Borne de recharge électrique à Tavers


Le supermarché Leclerc de Tavers vous propose deux bornes de recharge électrique.

Gîte Domani


Capacité maximum : 6 personnes

Au cœur du village de Tavers, découvrez le gîte Domani pour 4 à 6 personnes.

Moulin de Foussard


Capacité maximum : 2 personnes

Sur le chemin de la Loire à Vélo, venez séjourner dans cette chambre d’hôte de charme.

Le Kiosque à Pizzas


Pour vos déjeuners ou vos soirées en famille ou entre amis, découvrez les pizzas à emporter du Kiosque à Pizzas !

La Bonne Franquette


Au cœur du centre commercial Leclerc Les Portes de Tavers, découvrez le restaurant La Bonne Franquette.

Royal Tavers


Le Royal Tavers vous propose toutes les spécialités de la cuisine chinoise en buffet à volonté.

Mc Donald’s


Mc Donald's de Tavers vous accueille et vous propose une restauration rapide tout au long de la journée.

Entre Terre et Mer


Sur la route de Beaugency, "Entre Terre et Mer" vous accueille en terrasse ou en salle pour profiter d'un menu du jour.